Skin-Tightening with BodyTite


BodyTite is a revolutionary technology that offers patients a quicker and easier alternative to surgery. With BodyTite, patients can achieve surgical-like results without the large incisions or down time, the results are beautiful and long lasting. This minimally invasive body contouring procedure uses radio-frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) to reduce unwanted fat, cellulite, and tighten loose skin on almost all areas of the body.

BodyTite removing belly fat
BodyTite Removing fat around waist and sides

The BodyTite Procedure

The BodyTite procedure uses radio-frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) administered through a small pinhole incision. The wand transmits the Radiofrequency to the targeted treatment area above and below the skin. With this isolated and targeted approach we are able to maintain safety and improved outcomes. The skin is tightened by the RF stimulation of new collagen production and restoring elasticity, resulting in thicker, smoother skin; this means a reduction in the appearance of cellulite! Fat in the treatment area can then be removed via liposuction.

Candidates for BodyTite

Anyone can be a candidate! Further determination is based on medical clearance with Dr. Stubbs.

Benefits of BodyTite

– Minimally Invasive
– Short recovery time
– Avoid large incisions and scars
– Long lasting beautiful results
– FDA-Approved

What is the Difference Between BodyTite and Traditional Liposuction?

Traditional Liposuction is very effective in removing excess or unwanted fat, but it does not guarantee the tightening of skin. With traditional Liposuction, you can anticipate approximately a 15% improvement in skin contraction. Studies show that when you incorporate the BodyTite technology, skin tightening increases to a 49% improvement. As you age, your body loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin at the same rate it used to. Before BodyTite, a surgical procedure with skin removal was the only way to address excess skin. BodyTite allows us to obtain surgical-like results without the major incision or downtime. A lot of times, Dr. Stubbs will use Liposuction in conjunction with BodyTite in areas that require both fat removal and skin tightening.

BodyTite Procedures

Areas That Can Be Treated

The Bodytite family also consists of hand pieces that are tailored specifically to smaller areas of the body using: FaceTite, AccuTite, Embrace RF, and Morpheus8.


FaceTite is an advanced contouring system used to treat the face, jawline, and smaller areas of the body. Dr. Stubbs uses FaceTite as a nonsurgical alternative to a traditional facelift. Using the same technology as BodyTite, the FaceTite wand is used for facial contouring and to treat skin laxity on the face and small areas on the body.

BodyTite Before and After neck line


Accutite is the smallest member of the BodyTite family. Accutite tightens skin with precision
while offering the same technology as the other BodyTite hand pieces. Accutite is designed to
treat areas including but not limited to: bra fat, upper arms, lower abdomen, inner thighs, skin above the knees, and medial knee.

Embrace RF

Dr. Stubbs offers the Embrace RF treatment which includes a surface level skin tightening treatment with the standard FaceTite. Facetite works through the sub-dermal layer to tighten the skin. Dr. Stubbs uses this in combination with Morpheus8 (M8) to treat both the under layers and skins surface.


Morpheus8 (M8) provides a beautiful smoothing effect to the skin. It can be used for, but is not limited to treating wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars and more. M8 works as a skin radiofrequency microneedling treatment. M8 uses radiofrequency energy to contracts the dermis and stimulate collagen. The end result is smoother, thicker, and tighter skin. This treatment is great for fine lines and wrinkles especially around the mouth and eyes

Morpheus8 Procedure
With topical numbing and light sedation, M8 is a minimally invasive procedure that is completed in the office. 24 sharp pins penetrate the skin while introducing radio-frequency pulses. Best results can be seen with a completed series of 3 treatments, and then annually to maintain smooth skin. This procedure can be completed with BodyTite, FaceTite, and AccuTite treatments or on its’ own.

Benefits of Morpheus8
Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper than any other microneedling device, going as deep as 4mm! The RF energy that heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled way revitalizes collagen. This improves skins complexion and texture for a more radiant smooth appearance. The best part is that M8 can be used on all skin types and colors. This skin treatment can be completed with BodyTite, FaceTite, and Accutite treatments or as a standalone procedure.

Before & After Pictures

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