Ear Lobe Reconstruction

Signature Surgical Arts and Med Spa offers ear lobe reconstruction for the residents of greater Grand Rapids and Holland, Grandville, or Grand Haven, Michigan and the surrounding communities.

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What is Ear Lobe Reconstruction?

The effects of heavy earrings, cosmetic gauging, and accidental injury to the ear lobes are all reasons why you may be considering earlobe reconstruction. This procedure is recommended for patients who want to repair stretched or torn earlobes.

Ear Lobe Reconstruction Treatment

The goal of earlobe reconstruction is to surgically restore the natural shape of your earlobes. If your earlobe is torn due to an earring being ripped out or other injury, Dr. Stubbs may just suture the area. In cases where the ear lobes have been stretched or elongated, excess skin and tissue may be removed to shorten the ear lobes.

Candidates for Earlobe Reconstruction

While earlobe reconstruction is generally appropriate for all patients, you may have certain anatomical limitations, such as ear lobes that are too small for reconstruction. The best way to find out if earlobe reconstruction is right for you is to call our office at 616-396-1433 to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Stubbs.

Benefits of Ear Lobe Reconstruction

Earlobe reconstruction not only repairs injuries, but it can also help you correct problems caused by your personal cosmetic choices, such as gauging and wearing heavy earrings. Many of our patients find that their lifestyles have changed, and their stretched earlobes prevent them from pursuing careers, relationships, and friendships.

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