The Truth About Scars

It is natural to be concerned about scars. Scars were named as one of the top 5 concerns of people considering cosmetic surgery. All surgeries will create scars, but you have options to ensure that your scar will be barely noticeable.

Clinical studies show a greater and faster improvement in scar maturation in patients who use silicone over patients who do not. Early intervention is the best way to help prevent excessive scarring.

Silicones like have been used for 30 years to reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids. It has been proven to flatten, soften, and reduce the redness associated with excessive scarring.

How is Silagen Different?

Silagen silicone gels and sheeting are made with the highest quality medical grade silicones. The silky feel of Silagen gels won’t leave a wet, sticky mess on your skin like other gels do. Silagen gels and sheets create a protective barrier over the scar which increases hydration and helps stop excessive collagen build up.

The sunscreen in the Silagen gel + SPF 30 helps to protect your scar from hyperpigmentation, and often permanent darkening of the scar caused by sun exposure.

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